Farther Together Consulting LLC was birthed from a lifelong commitment to ensuring that all African people are healthy, connected, and empowered. Founder and manager Frank W. Mollel began leading and facilitating community development work in his country of origin Tanzania over 10 years ago. He quickly established himself as a community leader, and set-up an orphanage and programming for young Tanzanian women who were experiencing gender inequities. He later co-founded an NGO, Heart of Africa Foundation and Heart of Africa Safari Tours, dedicated to the empowerment of young Tanzanian women, which he still leads with international support today.

Mr. Mollel moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2013, where he continues to serve the African community via community building, facilitation of African affinity groups, helping African’s learn how to navigate complex health and human services governmental systems and institutions in Oregon, and providing translation and interpretation services. 

Farther Together Consulting LLC was established in 2020 in response to an overwhelming number of requests for Mr. Mollel’s expertise on a diverse array of projects. Farther Together Consulting LLC offers culturally and linguistically relevant capacity development and facilitation services focused on the wellbeing of Oregon’s African community. Featured capacity development services include coaching, training, and advising. Facilitation services vary and often focus on building collective leadership via facilitation of affinity groups and teams, and leading impactful planning processes.

What's New

Here’s to all the amazing African doulas who will be making a difference to our African community being a beautiful support helping giving birthing. Here’s a great example to celebrate them finishing this training from Providence. The Providence doula access collaborative committed to scholarships for training black indigenous and doulas of color and contract positions following the completion of that training for doulas.

Let us know if you want to be a dula as well. Please visit our gallery for more images.

Recently Frank received his vaccine. He would like to encourage all of you to make an appointment and get your vaccine today!